Against all Odds: The Story Behind Grant Lottering


Grant Lottering is a South African endurance cyclists who has defied death to become an inspiration to many.

Recent FAVR Show guest, Grant Lottering shares his testimony with the FAVR Lifestyle show host, Pamela Lowery. Years ago after a serious crash which left him seriously injured, Grant fought back to become the first cyclist to complete a solo, non-stop 1,000km ride through the French Alps in under 50 hours.

Grant Lottering Facts:

  • Miracle Survivor Cyclist turning horrific adversity into triumph
  • International motivational speaker – Making the Impossible – Possible
  • Bestselling Keynote “From Death To The Top Of The Alps”
  • July 2017 the ‘Im’possible Tour’ -40 mountains in French Alps non-stop
  • Laureus Sport for Good Ambassador
  • Grant has overcome incredible odds, including cancer and 11 surgeries, refusing to give up, and continues to do what most believe to be impossible.




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