Spotlight: Physician Pens New Children’s Book on Perseverance


“Anchored by a personal story of faith Dr. Ruth Obiarinze releases her new children’s book  ‘Amara’s Big Scary Race’ that passes on the theme of perseverance and grace.”

FAVR Staff Writer- Kyndall Fomby-Bell

Late spring 2024,  Dr. Ruth Obiarinze released her first published children’s book “Amara’s Big Scary Race”. The book features a courageous story about a character named Amara, who has an attitude full of effort and grace. She has trained all summer long for a big competition and faces a bump in the road as she strides toward her goal. This guides her into a steadfast lesson of perseverance throughout the rest of the story. 

Amara’s background stems from the Ibo tribe in Nigeria. One of the highlights of this passionate book is how it represents the African American community in an empowering way. The book features fitness, ambition, and hope that can be seen through Amara’s lighting character. This book is for audiences ranging from five to nine years old and trains the minds of all ages to overcome anything that may come their way, big or small. 

Obiarinze’s personal story of perseverance is what inspired her new book. Obiarinze shares how she navigated a career change through this. “I had to learn how to stay the course when I faced a detour,” Obiarinze said. “God revealed this important lesson in my life that I wanted to share for when things don’t go as planned. My goal is to plant a seed of faith in my audience that prepares them for purposeful redirection in any relays they may run through.” Obiarinize elaborates on how her book has impacted her own life.

Through the character Amara, I am sharing my own story that speaks to anyone that has ever had to face a changeover in their life,” Obiarinize said. “This story cultivates the idea that a menavour is a beginning of a second chance, and that’s what I want my audience to gain through this story.”

Faith is a foundation that is portrayed throughout this book. Obiarnize shares a glimpse of how God’s light shines. “Through a tough lesson, I wanted to give whatever I had left to God, and that is what I am doing with this book,” Obiarinize said “In this inspirational book, there are hidden faith-based principles, which cover the overall arching theme of grace.” These intentional details throughout the book encapsulate the beauty of our culture and the reward that can be found throughout any journey. 

Check out the hopeful adventure of “Amara’s Big Scary Race” today which features free coloring pages and a determined elegance that can be rewarded to all who read. As your child takes their mark into Amara’s marathon, watch as they go the distance in their ambitious development. 

More about the author 

A physician, researcher and speaker, Dr. Ruth Obiarinze is now adding children’s book author to the list! Inspired by her own life experiences, Dr. Obiarinze has created a picture book depicting positive character traits in children. As book 1 in the Overcomer Series, “Amara’s Big Scary Race” is a charming short story that teaches an endearing message of perseverance. Amara learns what it truly means to “stay the course” when the unexpected happens as she trains for her first race! 

“If there is anything medicine has taught me, it is learning the very important lesson of endurance. Learning to see something through to completion when there’s a change in plans.. learning to persevere!” – Dr. Obiarinze 

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