Russell Brand Confirms Baptism: Is Grateful to Be “Surrendered in Christ”

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Hollywood actor, comedian, and YouTube host Russell Brand has announced that, as he had promised, he was baptized into the Christian faith. Prior to making the announcement in public, Brand—a former Buddhist—expressed his view that baptism offered him the chance “to die and be reborn.”


Last year, Brand told Fox News host Tucker Carlson last week. “I need God, or I cannot cope in this world.” And in December 2022, Brand celebrated 20 years of sobriety and freedom from addiction. He certainly seems sincere, and I for one hope that Brand is sincere and quite genuine in his faith in Christ.


“Because what I have been taught and shown is that it is impossible for a person like me to not drink and use drugs unless I have sufficient ongoing support from people that understand what it’s like to feel that drugs or alcohol, or, you know, certain behaviors are necessary in order to feel OK,” he said at the time of his anniversary.


“I’ve been going to church, a church where they do Alpha courses. I guess that’s sort of Church of England. I’ve been to a Catholic Church, and I’m considering going to an Eastern Orthodox Church,” Brand, who has starred in several movies throughout his career, said in an Instagram video.

“Do you think that different denominations and distinctions are important when you look at God and the figure of Christ from, as best as one might claim, a universal perspective?”

Brand asked his followers if it is possible to be “universal” on topics such as kindness, service, surrender, gratitude, and understanding suffering, even if it’s God’s Will.

“I know that there are numerous distinctions ecclesiastical and ontological, but I feel that at the moment, I’m moving towards a kind of moment of baptism. I mean, are you baptized?” Brand asked.

“Did you get baptized as an adult? Would you do it in a river? Would you do it in a font? Do you want to get fully under there? Because, me, I want River Jordan or River Thames, at worst. I want proper plunging.”

Brand wondered about the importance of having a specific house of worship.

“Tell me, what is the importance of the Church, and tell me is it important what church you go to because I’m just learning, man,” he continued.

“I’m just learning, and you know, if I don’t get clear guidance, I have to make a decision just sort of based on what petal I’m on. Let me know what you’re into in the Holy Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen,” he concluded at the end of the Instagram video.

Brand received praise from many fans who commented on the post as he seemingly navigates a public spiritual conversion journey to the Christian faith.

In January, he stated that Christ is becoming “more important” in his life and that he desires “a personal relationship” with God. In December, he told followers he was reading the Bible and C.S. Lewis’s The Problem of Pain, a 1940 book that explores the role of suffering in a Christian context.


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