“No Medical Explanation” : Miracle Unfolds as Wheelchair-Bound Woman on Ventilator Raises Hands to God, Asks for Healing



“There is no medical explanation.” That’s what Father Karl Pung of Saint Mary Cathedral in Lansing, Michigan, said about a parishioner who spent nearly 13 years in a wheelchair.

The woman, who was also on a ventilator after suffering for years with postural orthostatic tachycardia syndrome (POTS) and autonomic dysfunction, believes she was miraculously healed last month — and Pung agrees.

In a video released by the Diocese of Lansing, Dani Laurion said she was at a special healing service at Saint Mary Cathedral on March 15, 2022, when something astonishing unfolded as she lifted her hands to God in worship.

“I reached up, and I just said, ‘I need you, and I need you to hold me and just take care of me,’” Dani said.

That prayer seemed to spark something inside her. And the result was purportedly a dual miracle that is shocking friends, family, and the public.

“I felt like somebody had turned water on in both of my ears, and it was going down my body,” Dani said.

Her husband, Doug, who was sitting next to her at the time, said, as Dani had this sensation, someone leading the healing service at the church received a “word of knowledge that somebody’s lungs were being inflated.”

Doug said Dani decided suddenly to remove her portable ventilator. Usually, she would panic without her vent and struggle to reconnect it so she could breathe.

But this time was different.

“There was no panic, no emergency,” he said. “She was just sitting there.”

That miracle of breathing air alone was transformational, but the couple said they received a second blessing. Up to that point, Dani was working with therapists to use a walker, but the couple didn’t have it with them.

That didn’t stop Dani, though. After an altar call, she miraculously stood up and started walking to the front of the church. And she reportedly hasn’t stopped walking since.

“All of the walking I’ve seen since the healing happened is her walking like she has always walked,” Doug said. “The next morning, she was jumping on the bed.”

Dani’s healing has shocked many, including Pung, who said “there is no way to explain” what unfolded outside of God.

“It’s God simply choosing to act … now she can breathe when she couldn’t breathe on her own,” the priest said, noting the same is true of her sudden ability to walk. “There is no medical explanation. From one second not being able to do those things, next second able to do those things.”

Dani and Doug said nurses and doctors were also stunned by her sudden progress. The couple expressed joy over her healing, and Dani offered powerful advice for others looking for the same in their lives.

“When you pray, pray big,” she said. “God has the ability to do anything.”

Billy Hallowell, Faithwire/ CBN


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