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From Pain to Purpose


The abuse continued during holiday visits over the next two years, filling Jeremy with anger and shame that led to a decade of drug abuse and a pattern of living and learning “the hard way,” as he characterized it in a book he published in 2012.

Self-medicating with drugs and alcohol, Jeremy suffered from severe headaches, at one point becoming debilitating and forcing him to seek medical help. “Jeremy, I don’t know how you can be talking to me right now,” a doctor said to him.  “You have a cerebral brain aneurysm that has burst.  Your brain is currently bleeding.”

He was rushed to surgery and was fortunate enough to be among the one in three who survive a brain aneurysm – a statistic that gets worse in cases in which an aneurysm bursts.  

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Several years later, at just 21 years of age, he had hit rock bottom nearly committing suicide.  But God told him to seek help, and this time Jeremy decided to do so.  After several days in the hospital, he was taken to Norristown Building 50 – one of the worst places he could imagine.

READ MORE of Jeremy’s story in the Fall 2021 issue of FAVR magazine.


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