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Often we ponder this simple question,” what is the purpose of my life?” But as curious and sometimes instinctually defiant beings, we then complicate our lives- sometimes for years, by doing things we think we should be doing. But are those “things” aligned with your divine purpose? 

For years as a media professional and an entrepreneur, I experienced both the highs and lows of accomplishing my professional goals, but personally, my soul still felt empty. But it was not until a divine encounter when I was (RE)introduced to Christ did I finally understand that everything that I have endured on this earth, as a woman, a mother, and undoubtedly as a believer, was all for a reason. And that reason is to glorify the kingdom of God. 

When you meet new people, they will often ask you what you do for a living, thus determining in less than 8 seconds how much respect they will subjectively have for you. Yes, sad but true. But please remember. By profession, Jesus was a carpenter, but his purpose was to save humanity.

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