FAVR Lifestyle has partnered with Stillman College to strengthen the college’s Christian identity

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. – Stillman College has partnered with faith-based media outlet FAVR Lifestyle to strengthen the college’s Christian identity through gospel entertainment and education resources. 

FAVR Lifestyle shares inspirational music, blogs, testimonials, and videos across its magazine, website, and social media channels, including its web series “The FAVR Show.” Its collaboration with Stillman will include a pair of on-campus concerts in spring 2023 – one during Stillman Homecoming and another during FAVR Fest later in the semester. 

Additionally, Stillman students will access FAVR’s multimedia and social platforms for its motivational and educational resources and share their experiences with FAVR’s broad and ever-growing audience. 

Stillman is the first college or university to form a collaborative events partnership with FAVR.

“Right now, where we are, kids need hope – people need hope,” said Pamela Lowery, founder, and CEO of FAVR. “The FAVR platform is a resource to provide that hope, instill God’s word, and share the good news.”

Stillman College’s foundation is deeply rooted in the Christian faith and the Presbyterian Church of the United States of America. Stillman opened in 1876 as a ministry school for African American men before broadening its academic offerings and transitioning to co-education in 1922. Christian faith remains a pillar of the institution’s curricula and student life; students are required to take at least four religion and theology courses to graduate, and weekly services and special praise and gospel events for students are held at Brown Memorial Presbyterian Church next to campus.

Dr. London Williams, FAVR Lifestyle Producer, COO
Marcus Kennedy -Stillman
Pamela Lowery, MSA – FAVR Founder & President
Dr. Cynthia Warwick PhD RPh – Stillman President
Tyler Davidson- Stillman
Dr. Gordon Govens, Phd. J.D.- Stillman

Stillman College President Dr. Cynthia Warrick said the idea to enhance students’ access to Christian media and resources was reflected at Stillman’s Spring 2022 Homecoming, where the gospel concert on campus drew many students. She said the “spiritual grounding” at Stillman creates a family environment on campus, a key trait of the college’s identity that the FAVR partnership will undoubtedly strengthen. Warrick said FAVR’s diverse content and communication models would help achieve this in a “unique” and efficient way.

“Young people are using Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok to communicate,” Warrick said, “and FAVR’s platform aligns with that culture of today. 

“And with our reputation for producing musical and theatrical talent, it’s a real match that will benefit both Stillman and FAVR.”

Lowery said FAVR will have an additional presence on campus for storytelling with members of the campus community and potentially using Stillman’s campus as a location for TV or movies. 

Beyond the entertainment component, Lowery is eager to grow FAVR’s scope of inspirational resources and engagement with Stillman students. The partnership is in its “infancy,” but she foresees building out the FAVR website with resources that address student issues exacerbated by the pandemic and social unrest of the last several years.

“This partnership will allow us to make a positive impact with the students of Stillman College directly. We will present faith-based leaders, gospel artists, influencers, and more, to empower students and share God’s word,” Lowery said. “Students can share their testimonies and find hope in everyday experiences. But on the back end, we can build resources to address issues like sexual assault, substance dependence, and mental health. With helpful information, resources, and more.

“[FAVR’s partnership with Stillman] is the perfect bridge to empower, ignite hope and fuel inspiration for all students in today’s world.”


About FAVR Lifestyle

FAVR Lifestyle is an independent African American female-owned faith-based media, commerce, and technology company; owned by Water Walker Media Group (WWMG). This faith-based platform uses its original “inspirational content” to inform and inspire its audience with unique storytelling, testimonials, and musical features to meet the ever-evolving spiritual needs of individuals globally. The core faith-based value of WWMG consists of several dynamic partners with over 30 years of experience in the publishing, network television, and motion picture industries.

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Brandon Hairston-Wu





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